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Become a Bursary Partner


Invest in the future of leadership by sponsoring high performing STEM undergraduates
to attend the 5th Annual Women in Mining and Resources Summit. Hosted in partnership with the Minerals Council of Australia, this is a unique opportunity to put your organisation in front of an audience of more than 200 emerging and established leaders to show your support for the development of female talent.


Open doors to the next generation of leaders: Select the profile of undergraduates/ postgraduates you wish to sponsor and engage with at the Summit

Connect with the next generation of leaders: Build informal mentoring relationships with the undergraduates/postgraduates seated at your table at the Summit and post-Summit

Inspire the next generation of leaders: Encourage more women to pursue a career in your industry by sharing your career experiences with them during our group discussions and networking break

Be recognised as the Employer of Choice by your peers and emerging female talent
Contact us at to find out more.

How bursary packages work:

Each BURSARY Table Booking:
• 8 people
• Organisation name
• 4 Internal passes
• 4 passes for undergrads

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Apply for a Women Leaders Institue Scholarship

We are offering scholarship assistance to women from diverse backgrounds who have historically been underrepresented in workplaces. This includes (but not limited to) First Nations women, linguistically and culturally diverse women, women living with disability and members of the LGBTQI+ community. The scholarship will cover the two-day conference fee to attend our annual Women in Leadership Summit.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for changemakers with:

  • Leadership potential and/or experience – we appreciate leadership on any scale

  • Intellectual curiosity and growth mindset – you’re ready to take action steps to advance to the next level of leadership

  • Ambition and drive – but unable to access/receive substantial funding for leadership training

Priority will be given to applicants from community and/or small Not-For-Profit organisations.

Why should you apply?
Women are underrepresented at leadership and management levels in the mining and resources sector, significantly women from diverse backgrounds. By building a more diverse talent pipeline that feeds into our workforce, we can provide more opportunities for women from underrepresented groups to pursue and thrive in leadership positions.

How to apply?
To make an application, please write to with the following details:

  • Name, Job Title and Organisation

  • Event location that you are applying for

  • Management Level (Early Career, Mid or Senior)

  • Link to your LinkedIn profile

  • Why you’re applying for the WLI Scholarship and how it will help you

Please note, we welcome applications from undergraduates too!

Once applications have been reviewed, successful candidates will be notified by email. Applications close four weeks before the event.

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